Feng Shui Consultation + Space Clearing


On site consultation

Energetic space clearing

Personalized Feng Shui report

Pricing below applies to any location within a 40 mile radius of Dover, NH  (anything further with have an additional travel charge added)​

  • 1,000 sq.ft Home or less: $550               (Follow Ups $250)

  • 1,000-2,000 sq.ft Home: $650                           (Follow Ups  $350) 

  • 2,000-3,000 sq.ft Home: $750                           (Follow Ups  $450)

  • 1,000 sq.ft Business or less: $650          (Follow Ups  $350) 

  • 2,000 sq.ft Business: $750                        (Follow Ups  $450)

  • 3,000 sq.ft Business: $850                       (Follow Ups  $550)

 *(Discounts Available for Small Businesses!)

If your home or business is larger than 4,000 ft2, please contact us for a quotation. 



Space Clearing/ House Blessing


If you just want to cleanse the energy of your space and set intentions then an Energetic Space Clearing may be all that you need! We use tools such as sage smudging, palo santo, singing bowls, ting shas, chimes, and crystals as well as anything the home owner or business owner would like ot incorporate to make it a more personal experience. 

For the space clearing, all of the windows in the home need to be open and it is best for any animals or any people that do not participate to step outside during the clearing (so that they do not absorb any of the energy being released). The occupants are welcome to participate in the ceremony and we will teach and guide you along the way and ensure you are protected. 

Pricing below applies to any location within a 40 mile radius of Dover, NH (anything further with have an additional travel charge added)​:

  • 1,000 ft2 (or less) Home or Business: $200

  • 2,000 ft2 Home or Business: $250

  • 3,000 ft2 Home or Business: $300


Our redesign service is very popular because we use decor and furnishing already owned by the client.

$95 per hour (2 Designers)

*Initial meeting with client required prior to redesign.

Payments may be made by cash, check, or for your convenience, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted through Pay Pal and Venmo.

PayPal link :

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