Space Clearings

What is Space Clearing and How Does it Work?

Space clearing is a ritual found in almost every traditional or native culture. It is the skill of changing the atmosphere in the home from one of stagnant Chi to one of vibrant, health promoting and spiritually enhancing Chi. Space clearing before moving in to a new home was considered a vital part of any move in traditional cultures and is still practiced in some form today throughout the world. If a home is clogged with the history of sickness its occupants have gone through, tears they have shed, arguments they have fought, sadness they have endured, and not just their own but also the imprints left by previous occupants, year after year, layer upon layer embedded into the walls, it will cause history to repeat itself. Space clearing clears the emotional debris that accumulates in buildings.

It is also extremely helpful when your life seems to be stuck in some way or for when you want to make a new start. By clearing out the energy of what has happened in a place (either your own energy build-up or that of people who have occupied the space before you), and then consecrating the space to the specific frequencies of what you want to happen in your life, remarkable changes can occur in all aspects of our lives.

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